Amazon Fire Stick

Will or does Roomie support the Amazon Fire Streaming Stick?


We don’t have clear information on that yet. If we can support it, we will. There are certainly indications that it may have an interface via IP that the original Fire TV did not have.

Which, if true, leads one to believe the original Fire TV will also get the new interface.

We’ll see. It would be quite an awesome device for that price if it also supported IP control.

Thank you.

Any news on this yet? I know they have been shipping out so assuming you guys have it and tested so hoping Amazon opened up IP control. Thanks.

Both the Stick and the non-Stick have an IP interface. It most certainly exists and we have looked at it deeply.

It is not an official API. Amazon has stated they want to release such an API, with no timeframe.

We’re certainly planning to spend more time on this regardless and not wait for an official API. It can’t be harder than Apple TV, that much is certain.

The original Fire TV can be controlled via IR with one of the IR USB adapters linked in that thread.

Thank you.

Is there any news on this? The Stick is being released in Austria and Germany in April and this functionality would be great.

We released full support for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick in 3.1.0.

Lastnight we deployed some updates that enhance that support even further. Reverse and Forward commands are now much smoother and can be held down or tapped consecutively to change speed.

Thank you.