Android version?

Yes, I know… this is covered in the FAQ that you might consider it some day. Has anything changed or progressed? I just randomly googled “roomie remote android” and came across this… but assume it’s just spam/vaporware? [spam url removed]

Anyways, I own an ipad mini just for your app (sure, I use other things too but they are all also available on Android). Just wanted to remind you that there are many people out there that are in the Android universe and would much appreciate an app like yours. You really have no competition over there at this price point.

No comment? :-\

There is a FAQ on this question:

We believe that FAQ still represents the current situation.

Thank you.

That’s disappointing, but thanks for the reply. The reasons in the FAQ are pretty outdated as the android platform is much more uniform now with 4.1+ being the majority of devices and a much cleaner framework.

Obviously you are focusing on quality vs quantity which is great, but if you ever get over the hump on iOS, I’d hope you would reconsider Android, especially since there is still no real competition for you on that platform that I know of.

This is not the place for a debate between Android and iOS. Suffice to say we do keep an eye on it, and at this time have concluded it remains something that would be an unnecessary distraction and massive brake pedal on our development speed.

On a related note, Apple introduced a new iPod Touch lastnight at only $229. The current high end iPod Touch is only $274. Truly perfect Roomie devices for rooms that you don’t want to dedicate an iPad Mini or full iPad.

Thank you.

I’m far from an Android fanboy… and never really commented on a comparison of the devices, I was just trying to point out an opportunity for you guys and wanted to let you know that your reasons in the FAQ have (for the most part) been resolved. I’m happy you’re keeping an eye on it, though. The new iPod touch does look interesting… I’ve also heard rumors that the new Xbox One is going to be allowing custom IP/networking voice commands to go along with their built-in live tv offerings. Somehow I doubt they can pull something like that off, but it might be another thing for you guys to keep an eye on. Cheers, and keep up the great work!

Just an FYI - An older iPad recycled as a Roomie remote is even cheaper than buying an iPod Touch or IPod mini. Just keep that in mind before dropping support (at some point in the future) for older versions of iOS.


I am also an Android user and interested in learning when Roomie is available on that platform. Thanks.

The FAQ says 2015 for Android any updates on this? I love Roomie and would like to have it on my Android phone.

We have discussed that in many of the recent interviews and podcasts and articles on the 3.0 release. 2015 remains likely for a beta.

Thank you.