Announcing Roomie Remote V6!

After an extensive beta testing period since last Spring, we’re pleased to announce a major new V6 release. This is a separate app so your existing installations will not be clobbered and you may upgrade when you’re ready.

What’s New in V6:

Direct link to the app:



Great update love the fact that no hub is needed…also cloud backup is fantastic. Keep up the good work. Just bought the perpetual license option.

Really very excited to see you guys continuing to build amazing things. I’m excited to try out V6 and very excited to see you all getting back to your roots!

I think a compelling offering would be some sort of physical remote - then you are competing more directly with Harmony.

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That would make it a Control4 killer.

Just now seeing this. This is significant and all sounds great. Thanks!

I was heavy into v4.5.x (and even did a v5.x upgrade) but admittedly … haven’t done much with it since.

I’m excited to upgrade and get my SC/Roomie network set-back-up.

Not that I’m crazy about the v5 interface, but installing v6 and having it “just work” and look basically the same was a pleasant surprise.

Getting rid of the hub is key.

And so glad the app is available on macOS. I’ve been wanting that for a long time.

I was very close to “rolling my own” remote control solution, but this allows me to work on the 100 things I need to do.