Annual iOS/iPadOS Minimum Upcoming

Reminder that as happens every year, Roomie’s minimum iOS/iPadOS will be increased from 13.X to 14.5 as of the next major release this Fall, Roomie 7.

Because the current AppleTV control is broken by tvOS 15 requiring a total re-work of that area, Roomie 7 is required for continued AppleTV control if you update to tvOS 15. Until Roomie 7 is released, we recommend not updating unless you also have an IR blaster wired for your AppleTV.

According to Apple’s opt-in statistics, only 0.3% of our users are running a pre-iOS 14 release, but for those who are, now is the time to engage your plan to update to at least iOS 14.5. It should be a particularly simple year for that upgrade as iOS 14 supports all devices on iOS 13.

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