Anthem AVM Series zones support?

Greetings! I’ve been exploring various iOS-based remotes. I’ve narrowed things down.

Four questions I need answers to:

First question: I’m currently a Harmony Remote RF user and my issue revolves around Zone 2 and Zone 3 support in the Anthem AVM50v. In the supported device notes, it says that only Zone 1 is supported; however, I wanted to confirm that. If you all supported Zones 2 and 3 that would be a huge benefit. Currently, the Harmony Link does not do a good job of giving me flexibility and programming of the multi-zones.

I’ve downloaded the Roomie remote and it’s really slick. What you all did with the iTunes support is fantastic. That would save me the need to switch out of the remote software and use the Apple Remote App.

Second Question: I see that the iTach Ethernet to IR adapter is PoE compliant and want to confirm it just needs a 12v feed. I was looking at possibly pairing this with a D-link DWL-P200 PoE adapter to run with my current setup; the D-Link only supports 12v max.

Third Question: This is more mundane; I have a Scientific Atlanta Cable box and it has no RS-232 connection or discreet power on or power off. Thus, I keep it on all the time to avoid confusion with the remote. Is there any add-on with the roomie that would allow you to sense if the unit is on?

Fourth Question: Related to the above, I have the Anthem AVM50v, an Oppo BDP83, and a Monoprice HDMI matrix switch that have RS-232 support. I’d like to use RS-232 to determine off or on state since I assume that if I’m using an iPad and an iPhone, one will be unable to tell the on or off state of the units between devices. If that’s true, what is the best value solution for me to be able to control three RS-232 devices with the primary purpose of determining on or off state? From what I’m seeing in your store, there’s only a single RS-232 connection so I’d need three separate devices PLUS an IR blaster too?

Thanks for any help on this in helping me make a decision.



  1. The Anthem Zone 1 note is on the serial compatibility page:

It applies only to the built-in serial codes for which we simply haven’t entered additional zones, but they can also be added via our DDK.

Meanwhile, to clarify, of course all zones of Anthem are supported today via infrared control as per the infrared compatibility list:

  1. It’s “standard PoE” and is 12V.

  2. The best solution for that issue we’re aware of is to swap to something like a TiVo.

  3. Both infrared and serial control for Anthem have discrete power commands. The Oppo is also discrete via both serial and IR. We’re not sure what your goal is therefore with tracking state as at least 2 out of 3 if not all of your devices are discrete. Regardless, in 100% of cases we recommend using multiple iTach units rather than for instance a GC-100. The iTach uses newer technology with several key improvements such as multiple connection support. We would suspect your best bet is to have control for everything via IR and then choose specific devices to use serial control when especially beneficial. The Anthem and especially the Oppo (assuming your 83 is the special edition with serial) benefit greatly from serial feedback. The Monoprice control via serial may be overkill.

Thanks for the quick and prompt responses. Doing everything via IR makes sense, then–especially if all the Anthem Zones are supported. I guess for #3 I could just keep the Scientific Atlanta cable box on all the time like I do now. That then solves my problem.

Another follow-up.

Is there a limit to the number of devices or activities that I can setup?
Is there an ability to have sub-macros once an activity has started?  Specifically, let's say I have my MAIN Zone active on my anthem, and then I want to activate Zones 2 and 3, can I do that?  And, then when I power my devices off, will it power-down Zones 2 and 3?

Thanks again.


I just ordered one of the IP to IR ethernet units and I purchased the Home Theater pack and the IR pack. I assume that I cannot pre-configure IR devices until the Ethernet to IR adapter is installed? I don’t see where to add IR devices and I don’t see the instructions here about how to add IR devices. My assumption is that once I add the Ethernet to IR adapter that I’ll then see a list of devices I can add?

There is no device or activity limit once you have the Home Theater Pack.

Yes, you could add multiple zones to 1 room. However, the “normal” way to configure that would be to add the device as a different zone into a new Roomie room.

True, you can’t pre-configure IR devices without actually having an iTach IR or L5.

Ok, that makes sense re: iTach IR. That’s been my issue re: multiple zones. The problem with the “normal way” is that it disables or turns off the other zones.

First of all, thanks for responding to the thread, so that I’m clear, I’d be able to do the following:

  1. Have Activity A (Watch Bluray). This is for Zone 1 on the Anthem. Then, if I want to also “activate” zone 2, I could have a button on the Roomie that would then initiate this “sub-macro” but not touch anything in terms of the original activity. Then, when I “Power off” the activity, it would power off both zones 1 and zones 2?

Sure, you could configure things that way if you’d like.

That’s absolutely fantastic!!! You’ve got three orders in cue for IP to IR plus everything else. Sold. Looking forward to configuring and testing out all the gear in different locales.


Greetings! As you probably saw, I ordered three IR units–one IP2IR and two PoE IP2IR units. I’ll be using these in multiple rooms and across different locations.

First off, I love the flexibility. Congratulations! I have, however, run into a problem with the Anthem AVM pre/pro zone configuration. They won’t work at all with my Anthem AVM50v. I’ve tried all the steps indicated in the debugger but nothing at all works–not a single code. I do have, directly from Anthem, all the RS-232 and HEX Codes in an Excel Spreadsheet if you wanted them for comparison and use. Zone 1 (Main Zone) works pretty well with limited testing, but I’m baffled as to why Zones 2 and 3 are unresponsive.

Suggestions? I’m happy to detail the debugging steps I’ve taken too.




We’re assuming you’re talking about infrared control now. Given that it works for other users, it sounds like Retransmit Count. Based on other support tickets, that seems like a common need for Anthem. We have a FAQ that helps to resolve such issues and has screenshots of that:

I am indeed talking IR control. I’ll try the retransmit count again and report back. I put it all the way up to 5 and no luck. I’ll also go through the debugging steps for IR one more time and report back. I may very well have missed something.

Ok, I went through the debugging steps again and (gremlins?) it worked with retransmit count set to 4. Odd; tried it yesterday but oh well. :slight_smile:

Now, I did notice something that is missing with the new AVM50v and 50v 3D units as well as the Anthem D2v and D2v3D. The new Anthem units have multiple DVD, TV, SAT inputs, etc. DVD1, DVD2, DVD3; TV1, TV2, TV3; etc. On the Anthem remote you switch DVD or TV inputs by pressing the DVD button and it scrolls through each input. On my Harmony remote, however, and with Anthem’s discreet command set, you can call a particular sub-input directly. So I have my DVD1 = Bluray 24fps DVD2= DVD at 60fps, etc. My TV1 is broadcast TV, my TV2 is my Roku input, etc.

Bottom line question: Can I call each of these inputs directly? Scrolling through the inputs causes obvious problems with automation. Is this something that you all just need the updated codes to add? How can I help move this process along?



If you have Pronto-style discrete codes for those inputs, you can paste them right in using the DDK template:

If you send them to us, we’ll add them to the main library as well, but adding them yourself may be faster.

BTW, just want to applaud the really great responsiveness via the forums. It obviously led me to making a decent-sized purchase. I’m fairly technical and I’ve used HT automation products including my Niles IR distribution setup and I appreciate the granular approach Roomie gives me without being locked into an installer. I like to tweak and set things up myself and like supporting my own work. Anyway, my applause and respect for the work you all are doing. I personally have appreciated it.