Anthem AVM70 Add Commands

How do I add additional commands to an existing supported device? There are some commands that don’t exist in the MRX/AVM profile that I need.

Create a custom device. Set the protocol type to Binary, brand to Anthem, category to “Supplemental AVM Commands” and then add your commands.

As as example, BASS UP is “Z1TUP002;”

Just enter that (or your actual commands you want to add rather) into the supplemental commands. Now add a device via the manual method on the same IP and port as your Anthem that is linked to that custom device you just made and that’s it.

Worked like a charm. Thanks Will!

What would I need to do change the surround modes list? The modes listed in the existing device profile are old.

You seriously want to select sound modes from a large popup menu on a regular basis? Seems like a case for sending commands based on prior knowledge would be better. In my experience, a very small number of mode sets are actually used so they’re better handled by integrating a specific command for that mode either in a custom button or an Activity Start commands list, etc.

Regardless, as a direct answer, just add your supplemental device as a supplemental device to your activity and then open the tray for that device and there are all your commands including if you added them any MODE … commands.

Haha. I really don’t care about the list and was more curious if it could be changed. I noticed that the default remote control layout had it on there, but was surprised when I saw they were outdated. I thought if it was an easy thing to update I would, but you are absolutely correct in that once I set a mode I rarely change it. Usually only need to do when the processor is getting something for the first time and the mode hasn’t been adjusted to what I want for the default. Pretty rare circumstance. Thanks for the info though.