Anthem MRX710 Receiver

Roomie has been working out great in our home theater and in other rooms. I do prefer the IP control over IR. Would like to see Anthem Receivers added to the IP control list.


I second this! The new 710/510/310 is awesome, but not even serial support!

For simple device addition of categories like this that we already support (receivers), we’re generally happy to work with technically oriented users directly to add them in support. Basically, if you can handle loading new versions of a codeset file that we send you, we’ll work with you to build it for popular devices like this. We have added many devices that way in the past including Anthem’s D2v and the older MRX serial support.

Thank you.

That would be great, thank you so much! If you could help build the file, (or give suggestions).

The IP commands are available here: … RS-232.xls

I have been trying to make the remote library myself, I just don’t have a script to import a bunch of “dictionary” entries into the plist file.