Anthem MRX720 IP and Zone 1 & 2

Is it possible to control the Anthem MRX720 via IP? I note that SimpleControl supports the MRX710. Also, is there a way to control the volume on Zone 2 without setting up the MRX720 as a separate device for Zone 2?

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While we do not officially list them yet, we do have numerous testers with these devices and they appear to be working well. The code sets are in the library for V5. Make sure you’re on V5.

Use the MRX x20/AVM60 Models Zone 1 code set, port 14999 when adding the device manually. Make sure it has a Static IP.

Thanks Will.

I am using V5 of Simple Control.

I added the device as follows:


The MRX 720 and iPad are on the same network.

Here is the setup:


When I “Test” the volume controls, there is no response.

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Your images didn’t come through. Even if they did, analyzing things like this in a forum is not productive when we have far superior methods for figuring these things out in support.

OK. I appreciate your quick response and will call Monday during normal business hours. Have a nice weekend.