Anthem New Processors

Does anyone know if the newer generation of Anthem processors such as the AVM 70 and AVM 90 are compatible via IP? The compatibility only shows AVM 60 which is now a discontinued product. Thanks!

Can’t say about the AVM70/90, but I have an MRX540 that works out-of-the-box with Roomie using port 14999. IIRC, the AVM70/90 uses the same firmware.

Perfect and what is port 14999 if you don’t mind me asking. I see it on the manual IP control in the compatability page. Also, did you say that avm 90 uses the same ip firmware as Mrx540?

Communication between Roomie and the MRX540 occurs over TCP/IP, using the IP address set on the unit and the given port. The default port for the MRX540 for this communication is set to 14999. The same should apply to the AVM units, but I can’t guarantee that 100% since I don’t have any.

No issues with the AVM 70 or AVM 90 works great

Using port 14999 for my MRX 540 not all commands work. Power, Volume (and Mute) do work.
However when I tried Bass, Treble, Mode, Center Trim I got no reaction on the device (as observed on the web-interface). Did anybody have the same issue? Does anybody have a solution to this?