Any hope for the 2016 Vizio's?

Just curious if they’ve made it possible to integrate with Simple Control in the new M or P models.

Given Vizio’s historical lack of IP Control, we do not typically test against Vizio beyond infrared.

If the situation changes in the future and users observe Wake on LAN or other clear signs that IP control is provided along with the features that make it useful such as the ability to turn the device on, we would certainly look at them.

Thank you.

Hey Will. Thanks for the response. It probably doesn’t mean much but the 2016 tv’s have this smart cast android tablet remote which made me think maybe they’d expanded a bit their control options.

Just curious though… if Vizio’s support HDMI CEC and so does the receiver it’s plugged into, is that a way around this issue for at least Power on/off? That’s assuming the Receiver in question is IP controllable.