Any Way to View / Save IR Hex Codes to a File?

I have an IR-controlled homemade electric screen masking system that is currently controlled via an iTach. I plan to transfer control of it to a Simple Blaster I will soon purchase. The masking system has a 4-button physical remote control that I will use to teach the Simple Blaster the codes.

The masking system remote is pretty old, and I fear at some point the buttons will stop transmitting. Is there any way to view and save (to a file) the actual IR codes that are assigned to each of the four buttons?

Ultimately, I’m looking for a way to back up these codes so that I am not dependent on the remote control to transmit them. My thinking is that if I had them in a file, on my Mac, I could import the codes into the Simple Blaster (or other hardware device) if the remote should stop working. Is that possible?

I’m open to other ideas on how to back up the codes; thanks in advance for help/tips.


These topics are covered in the Knowledge Base:

And DDK:

The short answer is “yes”.

Thanks for the responses. Pardon my basic questions as I am by not means an expert with this stuff, but in reading the articles, it sounds like I need to use iLearn and an iTach to do this. Is that correct? I’ll read up on this and perhaps make an attempt and will report back. Sounds like this could be a challenge.

iLearn is a super obscure way of doing this only intended for extremely complex cases. In general, IR learning is built-in and works great for ~98% of devices – it’s quite rare that a device is not already part of the library, but lets just assume in this case perhaps it is not. However, IR is a complex topic with quite a few variations on the fringes. Depending on your device, it could require tools that go beyond the internal IR learning. Certainly, you should start by using the built-in IR learning in the Simple Blaster with SC 5. Then follow the steps in the KB article.