Anyone get Roomie working with JBL SDP-55

I’m new to the exciting world of IP Control and want Roomie to work with the SDP-55. I see in the compatibility table the JBL support appears to be for Tinnov based SDPs which is not this model. Anyone with an SDP-55 get it working?

It is news to me that the 35/55 were different from the 65/75 which we have, and it’s not just different, it’s not even related. This appears to be the protocol document:

It looks very straightforward, basic control would take just a few minutes to create as a binary codeset. Volume feedback would be more complex than usual though and definitely need an app update. You should contact support, sign up for TestFlight builds, and we will help get it working.

Off to a great start after submitting my support ticket. Using the Test Flight app and the test plist I can turn the unit on and off. I look forward to more functions!