App Opening Feature


Im starting to design my INSTEON and Roomie system and I thought of something cool as far as stereo systems go

Say I make a “Listen to Music” command for the living room, along with turning on the stereo and putting it on the correct input for my Airport Express, what would be really cool is if the app could launch my music app on my iPhone. All I have to do is hit the home button and go to the music app but I am lazy and I think it would look really cool. Also useful if you use Pandora or Rhapsody, or in my case both. It could also launch Remote if you use an Apple TV

Most of that is already part of Roomie, it just depends on exactly which app you want to run. We cover this in the FAQ and it is also discussed in many other forums topics:

Any plans to add url support as a standard button command and not just an activity start up command. This would be useful for remote:// (no api’s) and directv:// (dvr managment)… Just as 2 examples