Apple Music Support

Is there a plan to implement Apple Music control in Simple Control? Currently iTunes/Apple TV guides/controls do not enable full capability of Apple Music aside from basic playback controls and local library navigation. I am at a tipping point to possibly purchase a Sonos Connect and just move over to Spotify instead of Apple Music, however I’d rather not if there is a plan to have full control of Apple Music on Simple Control. I suspect the limitation is Apple’s APIs, but looking for some insight on future plans for this. It would be a huge improvement. Thanks.

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+1 this would be awesome to integrate apple music in a guide somewhere !

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I have been waiting for apple to release either an update apple remote app and apple TV app to control apple music, radio stations, search apple music, etc. The only way to enjoy the apple music interface is air play via iOS/macOS or browse apple TV.

Ideally, apple music is streaming from a stationary device such as apple TV, and controlled (not steamed) from simple control.

this would be amazing for sure.