Apple TV 4 - re Scrolling Long List of Movies

I have the current version (4.5.8) of Simple Control, and updated my Apple TV4 to tvOS 10.2 (which was designed to fix scrolling, though apparently only for its own remote, not for Simple Control or other 3rd party remotes).

When I use an Apple TV 3, my long list of movies can be scrolled quickly (with momentum scrolling) simply by holding down the Up or Down arrows key. But, with Apple TV 4, this functionality diminished. It does scroll slightly more rapidly when holding down the Up or Down arrow keys, but not nearly as quickly as it did with Apple TV 3. It takes a long time to scroll thru a list of 500-1000 movies.

Does anyone know why this functionality got worse?
Is there a workaround?
Can Simple Control fix this problem, or will it require an update from Apple (tvOS)?

We are in the midst of major improvements related to Apple TV 4. They should be entering beta within a month. They should take care of most any issue anyone is seeing on ATV4 such as gesture based scrolling or long press behavior.

There is nothing needed from Apple any more than anything has ever been needed from Apple in this area per se. They’ve never helped, so we’ve done it all from scratch.

Thank you.