Apple TV 4K app launch

Long time user of Roomie (since version 1). I’m thinking of purchasing an apple tv4k. Question, can you launch an app or have it start automatically ? I want ti use infuse to watch ripped movies on a synology nas. Thanks !

You can certainly put an .APPLICATION LAUNCH command into your Activity Start commands to launch an app whenever you engage an Activity. You can also use the new Media Guide to direct launch any app from a list.

Thanks, I need something to replace a Zappiti one SE hdr media player. I think the Apple TV is the way to go. Any thoughts ?

AppleTV 4K with Infuse is usable. Zidoo Z9X Pro seems like the best choice right now and we have a full media guide for that. If you’re used to Zappiti, the Zidoo would be the cleanest upgrade. Dune has some new models that I haven’t tried and in the past has been good too. I am very particular on details like true Atmos and full Dolby Vision, so AppleTV 4K tends not to be my choice for this particular need as there’s no way to get passthrough Atmos out of an AppleTV.

Can you connect the zidoo to the NAS share ? Do you know if the video stutters or anything playing from network share ? Thanks. I also have no doby atmos setup, just a 5.2

Certainly Zidoo supports NAS shares via SMB/NFS. I’ve never used all these things to hookup a hard drive directly, sounds like a huge pain. Using a NAS makes it easy to switch between Infuse, Zidoo, Dune, etc.