Apple TV AirPlay Device - No Onscreen Code


I cannot get any of my Apple TVs to pop up the four digit code when trying to add an Apple TV “AirPlay” device from any of my iOS/iPadOS/macOS devices I own. Roomie shows the “Pair Device” screen, but the Apple TVs (tvOS 15 & 16) do not show the needed pairing code. They do show the code when using the “Companion” control method.

Has anyone else encountered this? Thoughts on troubleshooting steps I should try? Would love to get the enhanced functionality of “AirPlay” control working on all of my ATV 4Ks.

Thank you!

Would be typically explained by the Airplay access setting on the AppleTV. Must be set as documented.

Just the hint I needed, Will. Disabling “Require Password” in the Apple TV’s AirPlay and HomeKit settings solved it. Thank you so much!