Apple TV and Marantz NR1711 setup

My current setup is APPLE TV connects to MARANTZ(NR1711) then connects to SAMSUNG THE FRAME 55".
When i use the power button in the Primary page, only the Marantz turns off, my Apple TV and Samsung TV doesn’t.

My Samsung needs to long press the power button to turn off. Can I program the button for long press function? I have tried the one in “edit activity”, it doesn’t work.

Same as my Samsung TV, my Apple TV also needs to long press the power button to turn off, is there a way to program it to turn off?

The display of the Marantz NR1711 volume on Roomie Remote, it is on a scale of -80db to 16.5db, can it be edit to 0 to 100? It is weird that the volume displays differently in Roomie and TV.


Some of your message is basically why support posts are rejected for the forums. There is no way to respond to some of it without having your actual configuration and in general posting your config to the forum isn’t a great idea.

The Samsung Q doesn’t make sense because you wouldn’t want to control a frame TV with a mechanism that used a long press. Setting up the proper IP control is the path.

AppleTV long press command simply already exists.

For Q3 change your receiver setting to reference volume and they will match.

Is proper IP control for a Frame any different from the standard path for a Samsung TV?

Does the long press command for AppleTV control still exist? It used to be available, but I haven’t been able to find it since the AppleTV companion set up was brought in. I am currently looking for a way to do a long press of the home command in order to get direct access to the AppleTV control center. I am specifically trying to get quick access to AppleTV audio control.

As per the in-app notifications and release notes going back at least a year or so, AppleTV should utilize both Airplay and Companion style devices. The specific command you’re looking for is in the Airplay device.

Thanks Will for reminding me of that! I was able to use the Airplay device control to get the long press command working on the AppleTV. Cheers!