Apple TV and Roomie 1.7

Just go into the Apple TV menus and unpair it from your current remote. It will then work with all remotes, like Roomie.

I’ve seen that answer before. I’ll look at again, but don’t think that worked either. Checked last night on iTunes and unpair grayed out and looked on Apple TV and clicked unpair… no change. Guess I could reset Apple TV too… reset seems to fix a lot of things.

Are you using the “Device Apple Media Player” Control?. If not, download it from Mediaplayer - Apple. This works well.

Could you give a few more details what you referring to? Download from in Roomie App, from Apple, etc. I think you’re referring to when first setup and I’m picking which type of device I’m using. I picked Media Player–>Apple, then IRTACH port 3 (for blaster)… that was about it. If you solve this you would be my hero.

Well, I figured out a less ‘sexy’ way to get it to work. Using the direct IR wire rather than blaster. Actually was the only device using the blaster, so maybe was faulty?