Apple TV Control

Having just downloaded and setup Roomie I’m struggling to understand why the Apple TV can’t be controlled via IP when there is an Apple Remote app which controls it perfectly from an iOS device. This must use IP to control so why can’t this app be used within Roomie to control the Apple TV or be sniffed for the packets sent and these duplicated within Roomie?

Is there a way to call up the Apple TV Remote App from within Roomie as a workaround?

Doing some Internet searching I came up with this link: … php?t=4546

This suggests that the Apple TV can be controlled via IP and that the protocol isn’t locked down as stated in the FAQs. However I’m not sure if this info is for the first generation Apple TV or the Apple TV 2. It would take a little investigation and programming but if Roomie can become an authorised device for control within the Apple TV then I see no reason for not having direct control from within Roomie.

Further reading has brought this up which is definitely aimed at the second generation:

My Apple TV is jail broken (is anyone’s not!!:)). So direct IP control is perfectly possible if ATV flash has been installed.

can somebody from support explain why this hasn’t been highlighted as a possibility and how we can integrate the Apple TV into Roomie with direct control provided it is jail broken?

We already list that command set if you’re willing to go that length. Firecore has been listed for many months on our compatibility list:

In reality, only a miniscule number of Apple TVs are jailbroken. Firecore also is still saying it doesn’t even support the third generation (current) AppleTV. Doing any of that is a high-risk option at the least, but regardless we do provide the command set.

We discuss this topic in the AppleTV FAQ:

Sorry that was my mistake. I hadn’t noticed the Firecore compatibility with Air Control. I’ll investigate this as an option.

The jail broken Apple TV offers so much more functionality compared to the non jail broken version. It really is a joy to use. I understand Firecore are still actively working on jail breaking the 3rd generation.

To my surprise I’m using my AppleTV less and less now that I have a Sony bdp-s590. I don’t have to transcode my videos any longer (it even plays mkv), and I can simply stream everything from a DLNA server instead of making sure that my computer’s iTunes is running and all my metadata is good. Apple’s unwillingness to provide IP control via something like Roomie is only making me less attached to their “hobby.”

The jail broken Apple TV will also stream from any network device and will play pretty much any format including iso. All my DVDs are in iso and this was essential for me. No other DLNA device I have will play iso files. The jail broken version also captures all metadata automatically regardless if whether it’s in iTunes or not. It uses an external metadata provider so doesn’t rely on iTunes at all.

Having now used Air Control on the Apple TV with Roomie, IP control works perfectly. So you don’t have to settle for Apple’s unwillingness to support IP Control.