Apple TV Discussion + Questions + Issues

Apple TV control through SC is second to none, and you hit the nail on the head in that the gesture control is smooth AF.

Hoping you can help here: (I’m using an Apple TV 4, 32GB, if curious)

  1. I noticed that Simple Control keep creating remote app pairings with the ATV. I have a ‘Roomie - my-device-name’ and then several duplicates of ‘my-device-name.’ Since configuring SC v5, it’s also asked me to re-pair with a code one time. Is this expected? Does ATV have a limit for number of remote apps paired with one device, or should I disregard this for now?

  2. I wish there was a power on-off command for ATV, but we cannot have everything. My solution to this is to consider a long press of the ‘Home’ button followed by a ‘Cursor Enter’ command. Trouble begins here…I add the commands I just mentioned to the ‘Power Off’ section of the activity editing menu, but those commands never execute on power off…

I’ve tried other commands (‘Menu’ and others) and they successfully execute on power off, I’ve tried just the ‘Long Press Menu Home’ and it does not work on its own either.

  1. There’s really no such thing as a pairing anymore. You can just delete all of that and you can delete any device in Simple Control associated with that. We did have a device auto-upgrade around 5.0.5 or so to upgrade V4.5 style ATV devices in the config, but there are scenarios where old-style devices may still exist, so if you’re seeing any pairing that isn’t the simple automatic PIN number approach on the Apple TV screen, delete everything ATV related and add fresh. The new method is nothing like the old one and is not associated with any menus like the old “Remotes” menu on the ATV.

  2. I suspect nobody turns ATV off so nobody has cared much since the power draw is insignificant, but I have seen a couple of reports that long press doesn’t work in a system off. We’ll look at that at some point. Possibly you could fix that by just designating your system off as Run from Simple Hub.

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I agree that most won’t turn off their ATV. There’s one ATV I am controlling on a non-smart tv, and when it is put to sleep it automatically shuts off the TV over HDMI Control in lieu of IR or IP control