Apple TV Media Guide to select iTunes content on Mac?

I’m very happy to see the Apple TV Media Guide functionality. Currently it shows the content I purchased via iTunes.

Is it possible to view and select content stored in my iTunes library on my Mac? If not, this would be a great feature to add to Roomie. If it would be possible to select a playlist in iTunes (both video and audio) to start playing on your Apple TV without having to look at the TV that would be icing on the cake!

Yes, that’s already there. It’s covered in the New Features Guide: … atures.pdf

Thank you.

Roomie, is there such document for the latest 3.2.2 release? Or perhaps a page with links to all your manuals/publications? So far I’m pulling the manuals from this forum as I see them (for example - Activity creation guide).

I’m really wanting ISY triggers (or maybe REST API for the OS X Agent to trigger activities?). Thanks!

Extensive documentation is now available at the Documentation link on the Support page:

Thank you.

How do I setup Roomie Apple TV Guide so it can see the local movies in iTunes; not just the purchased ones.

To see your iTunes content instead of the Apple TV content, Edit the Activity and select your iTunes system as the “iTunes Guide” for the Apple TV. If you use both, you can have two Activities each with its own guide type.

Thank you.

Roomie guys: It would be REALLY great if we could have a single activity with access to both, though. Is there a way to make that possible? Two activities for a single device/activity just to utilize different “guides” seems a bit cumbersome, to me.