Apple TV: "Menu" button – Press & hold

Hello, and thanks for the new Apple TV IP control.

Pressing and holding the Menu button is supposed to return the user to the top-level of the Apple-TV display, no matter how far one has burrowed into any particular section.

This press-and-hold command worked in previous versions of Roomie, but it now seems to be broken. Instead of sending the “Menu hold” command, Roomie now seems to be sending repeated (standard) Menu commands. As a result, I’m only taken up one level in the display, and Apple TV pays a series of repeated “error beeps.”

Is there a setting I can change to restore the correct behavior? Or must this be corrected in an update?

We provide a new button via IP control that doesn’t exist via other methods. Home. Given that we now provide a Home button for exactly that purpose, there is no need to use a special press technique for that.

Thank you.