Apple TV pairing on multiple iPads

Apple TV IP - Great addition to Roomie!

Right now, we use 4-5 iOS devices in different rooms in the house. I use one ipad as the “master”, programming all rooms from there and then uploading the config to Dropbox where the other devices pull down the config. Saves a lot of time working with individual devices.

How will it work with the Apple TV remote authentication? Once I set the individual devices to pair, will future downloads of roomie configs from a centralized upload wipe out those pairings, or once the pairing is set, it’s more of hardware level thing and the pairings will not be broken?..


Think of it as pairing with “Roomie” not your iPad. Once you pair with Roomie on your iPad, you’re done and it works on all of them.

Thank you.

IP control is great. Thanks. I keep an old iPod running an old ios and an old version of roomie in the family room. It received the new IP AppleTV activity I setup, but it does not control the AppleTV. Does IP for AppleTV not work on older versions of roomie? Thanks

Apple TV IP Control does require Roomie 3.0.

Thank you.