Apple TV update

Even though Apple TV auto software update was set to OFF. Apple popped up the screen on top of Roomie that wanted you to confirm update or click for LATER install. I clicked later and brought RR to the foreground, but that pop up Apple message seemed to trash the automation on Roomie that was using the Apple TV for the Hub. The only way I got it back was to delete Roomie on Apple TV and reinstall it twice. It had been running fine for over 2 months. My question(s) are:

  1. Can I go ahead and let the update to 15.4.1 happen.
  2. When RR on Apple TV as the hub first installs is there a rule of thumb on how long it takes to populate the automation from the current Home on one of the IOS devices back to the hub? It seemed to take quite a long time to do that and I almost gave up on it late last night. It is now working after 2 complete RR deletions and re-installs on Apple TV.
  3. I have never really found info on if you should leave background refresh ON, on the Apple TV Hub or the IOS devices?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Don’t re-install on AppleTV unless support tells you to do so. Huge waste of time. Once it syncs, you’re good. If you have a large config or you’ve been a user for many years, it can take a little while on non-iOS systems. There is a way to accelerate that by nuking your iCloud data, but it’s usually not worthwhile.

There is no issue with current versions of tvOS. Feel free to update as always. As covered in many other places, if you want to block various random tvOS notices, you can try Apple’s Single App Mode.

There is no real background refresh on tvOS, Roomie must be foreground. Of course you should leave it on for iOS unless directed otherwise by support for the special case of license refresh in old apps.