Apple TV's 'Original Remote'

Adding an Apple TV to your iTach will automatically present that remote as an option in the settings panel of the device.

I see - thanks - but I guess I’m not clear on how the iTach would connect, as I’m using all connections on my Apply TV except the optical one.

Oh - it’s by IR - got it now - thanks!

The IR port of the Apple TV is not readily visible. It’s on the front. You can see it if you use a flashlight at an angle shining at it.

ATV black works ok for IR. But when I use the command select-hold, does not perform any function, works only as a play - pause. You would like to configure it for access to other features of apps that require it?


To enable that, just set the “Repeat” setting for the command on that button in your Remote Design to “While Touched”.

Ok. Perfect