ARCAM Receiver Compatibility

I am on the market for a new receiver and plan on replacing my Marantz with ARCAM AVR11. Are ARCAM receivers compatible with Roomie? I see some topics on the forum, but ARCAM is not listed on the compatibility page on the website. Looking to verify Roomie can control AND display volume/power/input/sound mode for both zone 1 AND zone 2 before I purchase the receiver.


I see a couple of code sets for it. They are labelled “AVR8X0/550/390/250” and “AVP888”. These code sets are control sets, so you should be able to do anything control related with no feedback displays. However, since I don’t know that model number, whether control works is very likely but possibly not.

I’d like to request adding a codeset for the Arcam AVR series receivers. I appreciate the breadth of receiver support already supported by Roomie. Arcam is a top receiver brand that I would think would be useful to support.

Nothing is tracked in the forums except for things like explicitly labelled polls. If you tried each codeset I named, and they didn’t work, please let us know via the ticket system and tell us what happened exactly with each. It sounds like you’re not saying they didn’t work, but you want additional features, it’s not clear. Also, if you have a feature request, the ticket system is how that gets tracked.