Arcam Volume Display

I use the Arcam AVR command set that is built into Roomie. It works really well but the volume control is a simple +- so if I don’t have a screen on (a projector in my case) I have to open cabinet doors to see what the volume is.
I’m tried the JBL set of commands on my Arcam (they both are owned by Hartman and their manuals on IP seemed similar) and it could control the volume on my Arcam. Nothing else worked - but volume control did and brought with it the dial that meant I could see the volume. With the screen now on it also meant that the on screen volume no longer came up as it was now on the iPad.

Is it possible to have this type of volume control for Arcam? It seems that the JBL commands work with it.

Sounds like we might be able to enable that for Arcam. We don’t track forum topics, and we’re deeply buried in multiple long development cycles right now as we have just emerged from the gargantuan 8.4 tasks of Android TV 2 and Apple TV Keyboard support, so it will be a while before we could get to this. As is always the case, any kind of enhancement like this needs to be tracked and tested through the support ticket process. But since it appears simple, the chances of it happening through a support ticket are very high.

Thank you for the reply. My bad - didn’t realise I needed to put it into a support request. I will paste this into a support request.