Armstrong Cable - Tivo/Pace - Arris cable boxes

I just moved into the Pittsburgh area and have a local company called Armstrong cable. They have rolled out an integrated Tivo based system using from what I can determine are Arris Manufactured, then rebranded Pace boxes with the Tivo thin client running on them. They use standard Tivo remotes (which from what I understand are RF based)

There are 2 box types, a client box and the DVR box. They are the MG1 and Mi3 boxes from Arris as far as I can tell.

I am wondering what the opportunities would be for controlling these types of boxes through the Simple Control interface, as they have no IR input?

Does anyone have any experience with this equipment?


Best way to find out is to try it. Usually the secondary TiVos are either treated as a full TiVo (the Roamio/Premiere set) or at minimum support the older TiVo control on 31339 (see the compatibility list).

Thank you.