Arris Xi6 or model AX061AEI?

Help. Anyone know what IR device one can select in Roomie app to control an Arris Xi6-A or model AX061AEI ? I know it can be switched to IR mode and they are used by various cable companies, but selecting a few popular cable companies and Arris does not show any model numbers similar to that.

Okay, so with some trial and error, I found the Xfinity X1 set top box uses the same command set. However, some of the commands operate differently than their name - e.g. the Xfinity X1 power off command turns on the Xi6, and power on command turns it off. Is there a way to copy an existing device command set and layout and create a new/custom device command set / layout - similar to creating custom code set but starting with a copy from another instead of starting from scratch?