Atlona HDMI Matrix IP Control

Has anyone done this?

We use a recent model of one of their top end products internally, the AT-PRO2HD88M 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switcher, and we have great serial support in Roomie for that all the way down to the embedded serial commands. So for instance we have it setup to control a B&W Panorama 2 via Serial embedded inside the Atlona HDMI balun. That command is part of the Atlona serial set for that model.

More specifically, we’re not familiar with a model of theirs that has IP control though.

Thank you.

I have the AT-H2H-44M, which is basically the smaller 4x4 version of the above mentioned switch. Here’s the link to their website, and suggests it can be controlled via TCP/IP in their specs:

Is that functionality possible through Roomie? Seems like all the other cool kids have it…


The command set looks the same as what we already support over serial for Atlona. However, it’s not clear which port it is running the control interface on. You may want to try a tool like nmap to figure out which ports are open on the device and then add the device via Manual IP to Roomie on each of the ports.

We can help diagnose any issues you find there by contacting support.

Thank you.

I contacted their customer support. They said it uses port 23. So, currently I’m controlling this product over IR, but would love to control via IP. Can you walk me through this process?


Yes, first we’d recommend just adding it via Manual IP on Port 23 using the existing Atlona control set for the 8x8. If that doesn’t seem to work, contact support and we can get a diagnostic.

Thank you.

Hello. I have an Atlona PRO3HD44M Matrix. Do you think it will work using your existing Atlona control set? According to page 22 of the documentation, it can be controlled with either RS-232 or TCP/IP

The previous message in this thread would be the best way to determine that.

Thank you.

Thanks! I will try and give feedback.

Hello. I have an Atlona PRO3HD44M 4x4 Matrix, and having trouble getting it to work with Roomie.

The Roomie app sees the Atlona on its IP address (port 23) and can talk to it, but I cannot figure out how to tell Roomie to change the input/output on the Atlona. Roomie only gives me commands such as “ALL 1”, “ALL 2”, etc., and “OFF 1”, “OFF 2”, etc., and “POWER OFF” and “POWER ON.” I know Roomie is talking to the Atlona, because POWER OFF turns the Atlona off, and POWER ON turns the Atlona on. But “ALL 1” does not change all outputs to “Input 1”. Each command seems to have no effect.

The Atlona 4x4 matrix supports up to 4 video/audio inputs, and up to 4 outputs. On the Atlona, for example, I can press a button so Output 1 gets input from Input 3, Output 2 gets input from Input 4, or All Outputs get their inputs from Input 2, etc. I don’t see a way to send commands from Roomie specifying which outputs get which input. In the Roomie app, if I press “ALL 3” it has no effect, but I have no idea what it would try to do. ALL 3…what? Is that supposed to mean all outputs get input 3?

I have attached a screenshot of how the Atlona specifys which outputs get their source from which inputs. It’s pretty simple from the Atlona web interface, but I see nothing like this on the Roomie app.

First, make sure you’re using the PRO Atlona set and not the low end switcher serial set. If it has PRO in the title, that’s what you want.

Second, most of the commands in the set are parameterized. So if you just open a Virtual Remote, you will not see them. You will see them when adding a command to a button or Activity where parameters can be specified.

So to switch an input for instance, add the .INPUT ONE SET command. As you’ll see when adding it, it takes two parameters, the input and output. So to switch input 1 to output 2, add an .INPUT ONE SET command with parameters of 1 and 2.

Thank you.

That works! Very good explanation. Thank you. It was not obvious that the “.INPUT ONE SET” command is for specifying the input & output parameters. I successfully applied that to an activity.

The virtual remote for the Atlona matrix on Roomie was confusing.