Aton DLA series speaker selector

Has anyone had any luck with controlling this box? The compatibility table says it’s supported, but it doesn’t show up in the app. Thanks

I use it with a DLA 4. This is an IR controlled device as far as roomie is concerned. You will need to connect an ir receiving eye to the DLA. Mine originally came with RF but I added a generic ir-receiver. See the aton documentation.

You choose your controller (itach in my case) and then you will find/add it under Other Devices -Multizone System.

Hope that helps.

Yes, I use iTach as well for a DLA6. I cut one of the heads off of the IRA matters and connected it directly to the back of the DLA6. See the manual for connecting universal remotes. Actually the manual that came with my unit doesn’t show it but the one online at detente website does

Hello Chicagocat, hgmobile and broge5,

How do you like thge aton DLA boxes? I am considering the DLA4 and I have not found many online reviews. I currently have a manual switch box and I was looking for an IP or IR controlled speaker selector to add to my Yamaha - itach IP2IR setup.

Is the sound good? Have you compared this box to other distributed audio systems?





I have not compared it to any other solution. Only use it to distribute sound to non-critical areas like patios etc. sound seems fine.

i do notice that the unit does run very warm. Unit has given me no issues. The RF control works well but you need to be careful of antenna placement - too many walls and reception suffers.


You were able to use a standard IR Emmiter cable plugged into the back of the iTach and then plugged directly into the Aton IR input at the back? It is my understanding that a conversion cable is needed due to different voltages of the 2 devices?

I tried direct wiring the unit as described above but was unable to get it to work. Aton tech support suggested that this would work although it did not.

That’s when I added the ir receiver in order to control the Aton via Roomie


Any idea which particular ir receiver you used?

Ended up using a headphone splitter I had laying around (something like this:

So, plugged the male end into port 3 on the iTach (set that port to blaster mode); one female end of the splitter into a blaster; the other female end of the splitter into an emitter.

I cut the head end of the emitter cable and wired that directly into the back of the Aton. Everything seems to work!

I tried it off of port 1 or 2. May not have been sufficient output off thopart sorts. For what it’s worth I used a generic 3 wire receiver that I found on amazon. Your method sounds better.