Aton DLA4 support

i purchased an Aton DLA4 speaker router, but I’m not able to control it via roomie as of yet.

has anyone out there had success out there as of yet to get one of these to work. aton support told me to cut off an emitter and connect the wires directly to ir and g on the rear of the unit, but it doesn’t work. I’m going through an itach wifi, which with the help of roomie controls all my other equipment flawlessly. The only thing I have not tried as of yet, is adding an ir receiver to the rear of the unit, and then using a blaster aimed at the receiver.

and if anyone has had success, can you tell what commands you are using to turn it on. I have tried global on, local on, local zone1, again with none working. I trying to avoid buying an ir receiver but will if it’s needed.

thank you

I got the same advice from Aton and could not make the clipped emitter wiring work. I bought a receiver and have had no issues controlling DL6.

i am away from home now so cannot check the activity but I don’t think I actually need to use the global on command to power all zones. if I remember correctly all I need to do is raise volume on a zone to power the zone.

If you use IR Blaster setting, it should work. I had the same problem using Roomie with iTach WF2IR when using Port 1/IR Emitter setting. Moved it to Port 3 using IR Blaster and problem solved! No splicing necessary!