Audio feedback in main activity screen + remove touchpad as default

I’m sure I’m missing something, but is there a way to incorporate the audio mode such as DTS, DD (not just the volume) in the main screen of the activity remote like on the legacy devices?

Also, is there a way to remove the touchpad as the main default for controlling the device? For example, when i select “play apple tv”, the default remote that opens is a touch pad so i have to manually tap on the below arrow to get to the “d-pad” screen.

Thanks for the help,

+1 on both requests.

any update on the above? i just want to be able to show the “audio mode” next to the volume on the main activity screen and remove apple’s default touchpad.

Surely there has to be a workaround so you don’t have to close the touchpad overlay every time (if you prefer to use the d-pad to navigate)?


Under Activities, select your Apple TV activity, then select Design (the 3 little dots next to it). In there you’ll see “gesture panel”. Unselect this and the gesture panel won’t open on launch.

As for the audio mode, I’d like the same thing but don’t think it’s available. However, in the tray of your receiver you should be able to rearrange the buttons so the feedback (which should be in the tray) shows up on the first tray screen