AudioControl Maestro x9 Compatibility

I am transitioning over to the AudioControl Maestro x9 Audio Video processor. It allows full IP control.

Is there a plan to add this to the compatibility list? This is a hell of an AV processor and a great addition to the out of the box integrations.

I also have a new AudioControl receiver. I would like to see the full capabilities of this product supported. You can temporarily define it as an Arcam if you connect it via serial. It has very basic functions but works.

I also defined a new custom device using Settings/Custom Devices. It works as full IP. It is not as robust as I would like. Struggled with RS232 commands that are suppose to return status such as mute, volume, current input or mode.

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With Settings/Custom Devices you can send a command to the AudioControl but there is no way to parse or display any return info from the AudioControl. This is the same for all devices. Custom devices are one way only. The developers need to formally support the device in order to get feedback onto the display.

You are correct and that is why I support adding these devices by the developer. This is a great line of audio equipment that deserves attention. I have also reached out to Audio Control technical support and introduced them to Roomie Remote. I would suggest that anyone else wishing for this line to be added reaching out to Audio Control as well.