Australia Guide Integration

Ok it’s 2016 and time to reenergize this long term request to get Australian free to air and / or Foxtel guides integrated. All the old posts hint that it was progressing back in 2013 and discussion faded over time. What is the current status of data from rovi and is there any plan to get this sorted sometime soon?

Anything from 2013 was based on Rovi’s roadmap stating Australia support was right around the corner at the time. Over the ensuing year or two, that roadmap kept pushing Australia further and further out and now it is just not there. So figure 2015 is the year where we’re going “hey guys, did you forget to type Australia on the roadmap chart because we sure were expecting that in 2014.” Sometime in 2015 it was clear that was not happening anytime soon so we started researching options to do this independently of a third-party going direct to an Aus provider. We have a lead on one now, so it’s possible we will go down that path. It’s on the radar, but the original path got blown up by unknown factors at Rovi.

As background, there are basically two guide data providers in the world: Rovi and Gracenote/TMS. Gracenote does not have Aus either. So there is just no path under which this can be done at this time without appreciable Aus-specific surcharges and dedicated code specifically for this case – which applies to no other country in the world.

Thank you.

When is an Australin TV guide coming?

Hi guys just thought I’d throw this one out there and see if there is progress with Australian TV guides.

Bump, surely there is something by now. Can we please get an update?

I’ve been getting by with custom app buttons & link to external guides for reference but direct integration would be so much better.

POTUS thinks Australia is great, excluding us from tariffs, great if we could now get a Guide after years of waiting.

Will, in a spare moment, might check this link out, as well as site.
doesn’t cover Foxtel.

Bumping this again.

Have you had a chance to delve into this again for us @Will_Price?
Appreciate your response & as always keep up the amazing work!

Out of curiosity for any other fellow Aussies would you pay an additional subscription fee for this feature?

  • Yes, I would pay extra for Australian TV Guide
  • No, I would not pay extra for Australian TV Guide

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