Australia guide

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Any news on TV guide for Australia? Road block or not high enough demand atm


Right now our data provider, Rovi, is not yet providing that. They have given some indications that they will be doing so, but like any unannounced products, it’s not always clear when that will occur.

One of the major features of either Roomie 1.9 or 2.0 is planned to be much more extensive guide customization. There are a few cases like this where we could solve most of the issue on our own if we provided that. So if Rovi begins to provide Australia support, we will add that. If they don’t, we plan to provide enough customization of the guide that you should be able to achieve a good level of functionality without it.

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That’s great news, thanks for the update

As an update for this, we are now told that “Summer” is the target for Australia support. That’s much better than the previous estimate of it being in the future at some point so it also makes it somewhat more likely. Once our providers provide it, we would be able to add it.

We would note that rarely but sometimes our providers charge additional fees for specific countries. Brazil is the only country currently under that extra fee right now and we have not yet added that. We don’t know yet whether Australia will be added to the general country list or added with a separate fee like Brazil. We’ll figure out a system to account for that if it is separated out.

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That’s brilliant news! thank you for the update, much appreciated.

Is it possible to use the TV guide feature to set scheduled recordings for eyetv on a mac?


seeing as the northern summer is almost over, is there any update on when Australian guides might be available for Freeview, Foxtel and TiVo ?

Many thanks !

The latest update from Rovi is that unbound data is now available for Australia but guide bound data is scheduled for end of the year. Unbound data is the ability to lookup TV information by name basically without information on when a program is showing, so we don’t consider that very useful in the context of a program guide.

The good news is they’re clearly working on it and while some parts have just gone live, they’re not the parts needed to provide a full guide solution. We are still planning to add this when they provide it.

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what about South Africa? Any chance on adding Multichoice?

Pumped for this!


Any updates on this, I want to pay for the extra packs in Roomie but holding off until the TV guide for Australia is up and running?



Still waiting for an Australian guide … what is the current status of this please ?

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+1 this has been going on for far too long.

If Rovi isn’t providing it, you need to find someone else who does.

+1 - would be good to get an update on this

Also very keen for Australia TV Guide. I subscribe to IceTV for my guide needs in EyeTV. Is it possible to use that as a source? Elgato use this and it would be a good solution.

Any update on Guide support for Australia.

+1 For Aus guide, if there was Foxtel guide integration that allowed recording of shows etc like they have done with all the American cable providers that would be even better. Maybe the Roomie guys could look at the Foxtel option first as that has all the standard free to air channels in there anyway.