Auto Discover - IP

Loving the Roomie so far. (Good riddance C4 for AV control.) But Roomie has not auto-discovered ANY devices on my network. I’ve had to enter all IP info manually. I’ve used device-specific virtual remotes before (Pioneer AV, Denon, etc) and all can detect various devices. Even waiting several minutes, I never see any devices listed on the add device screen. My main room has networked-IP-friendly and new Pioneer VSX 1021, newish DTV DVR, Apple TV and Panasonic Blue Ray. I don’t really mind doing manual entry, but am I missing something basic?

At the least, the Pioneer and DirecTV should be easily auto-discovered. First, we’d suggest just restarting your iOS device (cold power cycle) to make sure nothing spurious is going on. If it still is happening, that’s usually a router configuration issue. Options like “Enable Multicast” and “Enable UPnP” must be turned on.