Automatic Projector shutdown on power failure


I’m looking for the way to shutdown my Epson 3500 projector if power failure to my home is detected. Projector is currently powered by the small dedicated APC UPS which is enough for about 5 minutes of runtime.

Right now I’m using Roomie Blaster to control the projector over IR but planning to purchase additional Roomie Blaster with the Serial Cable powered by the projector’s UPS just for the projector control.

Now there is the question: is there a simple way to make Roomie Blaster send PWR OFF over to projector? Can I just connect to it via TCP and write ASCII PWR OFF like I would do with a regular IP to Serial adapter? I can come up with the script which would be triggered by the APCUPSD running on my home server, just need to know if such use of the Roomie blaster is possible.


I went ahead and purchased a Blaster and a serial cable just for the projector - it works great! I’ve figured out that I can just telnet to port 4999 and send PWR OFF command if my UPS says “On Battery” and it does the job.

Loving the PoE Blaster model btw (even it runs slightly hotter than the regular USB powered blaster) - another power cable on the ceiling won’t look good :slight_smile:

Trying to figure if I can make Roomie report lamp hours (LAMP? output) on the remote :slight_smile: