AV receiver recommendation

I am thinking about upgrading my SC-25 av receiver since its live feedback is very limited. Any suggestion which av receiver has the most complete feedback set that I can consider?

Onkyo or Denon is the most “complete”. The one caveat is both of them support just 1 connection at a time. However, Denon has complete feedback as well as an alternate option for multiple connection support via IP:


Of the Denon models, the 3313 is the newest and best:

amazon.com/gp/product/B00829 … B00829USKS

How good is the Pioneer SC-68? I am sort of attracted to the Pioneer brand and it’s design.

We do support all the Pioneer models. We don’t have any specific opinion on that model.

I had a Denon 3311 and had tons of HDCP handshake problems, sent in for repair 3 times and was never resolved. Sold it and bought a Marantz and absolutely love it, no problems at all. Full IP feedback too. Both companies are owned by D&M holdings btw, yet the Marantz gave me no problems.

Also, if you’ve never heard of Audyssey, look into it, IMO it’s worth going with any receiver that has it. Made a HUGE difference in my HT room.