AV7005 cover art when playing receiver

I have a marantz av7005. Love 1.5 but unable to see cover art when playing netusb input. Thx

The reason we haven’t designated a year for the AV7005 on the compatibility page to designate it as supporting all the new feedback such as album art is we don’t yet have confirmation on whether that model supports the Denon-style HTTP feedback that provides the album art. Here’s a FAQ on how to configure that as a test via Manual IP (see third paragraph):


If that works, that will provide album art. If not, then while most of the new feedback works with the AV7005, album art would not.

I can confirm that the Denon-style manual IP setup does enable display of cover art and “Now Playing” information from the Marantz AV7005. This method does require that one select “Denon” and “AVR Series IP Zone 1” during setup.

It would be great if a similar “IP Zone 1” option could be included in Marantz setup, since the Denon setup lacks several of the input choices (e.g., FAVORITES and SERVER under NET/USB) that are available on the Marantz. Thanks!