Axis Camera support

Are there any plans to support additional CCTV cameras such as Axis

Roomie supports countless cameras that we do not list because we support RTSP which is a high quality video streaming protocol. Axis looks like they support RTSP so there’s no reason why they would not work: … mpany=AXIS

That can be tested using the URL open command in an Activity.

If your camera works, it can then be added as a device to Roomie using the DDK. Basically just edit a command set with the URLs in the above link. The URL for small video and large video and the brand name would need to be updated below and then saved as RoomieCodes.plist and added to your configuration directory. Note that “Username” and “Password” below does not mean that you edit in your username and password, those are simply prompts. After adding a custom command set as below, then enter a username/password for the camera into the device.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    .AUTH 1 FORMATUsername
    .AUTH 2 FORMATPassword

Thank you.

I am a newbie so please excuse the simple question. I have an axis 207 camera. I know the following path works

rtsp:// the small resolution should be


I have downloaded the DDK but would like to copy the FOSCAM device and just edit the settings.

Where do i find that file and also is this how it should look?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Axis Axis cat RTSP codes .AUTH 1 FORMATUsername .AUTH 2 FORMATPassword .VIDEO SMALL STATUS/rtsp:// .VIDEO LARGE STATUS/rtsp:// method rtsp type 30

Got it to work. Took out the rtsp://ip address

Now that I have gotten it to work one last thing. The camera does not SD view just a HD view. How do I change the remote layout so there is only a HD option. I have deleted the small dideo line in the code but that does not help. I believe it is in the remote setup fro cameras?

No, it does assume you can switch resolutions right now. We’ll make it assume the lack of a large video command means no resolution switching.

Thank you.

my small video needs to have:

.VIDEO SMALL STATUS/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1

the subtype is the quality. 0 is high quality and 1 is low quality. the channel is what channel in the NVR to view.

the problem is I cant use the & symbol in the string. how can I get around this?

This is why using Xcode as your plist editor makes everything much simpler. It will handle that for you. At a raw text level you’d replace ampersands with ampersand a m p semicolon. In other words, it just gets escaped.

Thank you.