Bell ExpressVu 9242 and iTach Flex Wi-Fi + Blaster

Has anyone been able to get a Bell ExpressVu 9242 and iTach Flex Wi-Fi + Blaster setup?

I’ve tried, I’m sure, every permutation available - codes seem to be sent to the iTach (blue commands on iPad) but nothing works… Even tried attaching the emitters to the iTach. I can see the emitters turning red on commands, but nothing will control the 9242.

Any help / suggestions are appreciated.

Liks DISH infrared, it’s important to check two things as it’s basically the same hardware. First, the boxes can be in an RF only mode where they just ignore IR control. Second, they have box addresses that cause them to ignore all commands from any other address. Make sure the address you choose in Roomie is the same as the one set on the box.

Finally, DISH usually like a Retransmit Count of at least 2.

Thank you.