Bell expressvue HD 9241

Hi , I need the code for my Bell Expressvue
Satellite PVR HD . I cannot control my Bell

Select your iTach, then category Satellite, then brand Bell.

I have tried the whole 4 different options. None
of them works with my two receivers.
My first bell Expressvue is a 5900 and my
second PVR is an HD 9241 bell receiver?

The codes do work with those boxes. We have a diagnostic FAQ here which should help resolve it. Most likely, you just need to increase the Retransmit Count or adjust emitter/blaster:

I’ll tell you all the steps that I tried:
add device -> Satellite -> Bell -> All Models IP Address 1 to 4
I also changed the Retransmit Count from 1 to 5 for each Models IP …
I’m using the Blaster on port 3 and I also change the configuration to
IR Blaster from the WEB interface ??? Still not working with my
Bell Expressvue PVR HD 9241 ??? and 5900 ???
Please help, everything else works as expected.


Good news for Bell ExpressVu PVR code issue !!!
Roomie apps accept only the first 4 Remote Address from your Satellite PVR…
By default, most of Satellite PVR Receiver have a range of 1 to 16 remote address number.

Here is the solution:
Take your Satellite receiver remote control (DISH or Bell) and then,

  1. Press the SYSTEM INFO on the Satellite receiver and note the Remote Address number
  2. Press and hold the SAT Mode button until all Mode buttons light up
  3. Enter a number between 1 to 4 ONLY, keep pointing the remote towards
    the receiver
  4. Press Pound # (SAT mode button will flash)
  5. Press RECORD
  6. Press SELECT
    …there you go.
  7. Use the same Remote Address on the Roomie apps.
    device -> Satellite -> Bell -> All Models IP Address 1 to 4

Make sure the Primary Remote Address has been changed on you’re receiver.


I have set up the satellite remote and it is working. The problem I’m experiencing is the box will go into standby screen and you have to push the “select” button to activate the box. The universal remote i set up does not appear to have a “select” buttom control.

Thank you, Robert

  1. So can we conclude that Roomie operates Bell Expressvu satisfactorily?

  2. Will Roomie allow to operate the Bell Guide from the TV screen, not just viewing on IPad or IPHone?