Benq W1080ST requires two button presses

I just started the setup of my Roomie remote but the issue I am running into it (well a few issues) but this one is that my projector Benq W1080ST requires two presses of the power off button to power off the projector. I am not sure where in the Roomie software to send two power off commands when turning off the system for any activity using the Benq W10800ST projector. If anyone can be assistance it would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have the same question about my Benq W1070ST…which i suspect is identical to the W1080 as far as codes go.

Very common for projectors. Just edit your System Off Activity and add another POWER OFF to the Commands list with the appropriate Delay Next Command on the first POWER OFF to replicate the delay from a physical remote.

Thank you.