Best Music Integration


I am a new user to Roomie, and I am coming from a Savant system (I own an integration company). I am trying to figure out the best services/integration/hardware to make Roomie as similar to functionality as Savant.

For Savant Music, you select the room, and then you select the service (Tidal, Pandora, etc). From there you can start browsing music and select songs, etc. This is all with Savant’s Music Server.

My question is, what hardware do I need to make this happen with Roomie? How would I be able to browse the music services and select media inside the Roomie application, so I don’t have to bounce around to different applications for music.

Any suggestions are welcome. I have 2x Savant Music Servers, Sonos Connect, Denon AVR (with Heos).

Thank you!

I have a parallel deployment of Savant so I am quite familiar.

Even with their Music Server, it is always a step or two behind Sonos on Services and other integration issues. So I start Sonos from Savant directly. I also have it setup so that both Roomie and Savant can launch Activities synchronized with each other, and Roomie uses SSH into the Savant server to engage that directly.

Because Roomie also supports Sonos, this means I can use either system anytime. If you do not use Sonos speakers, this setup just requires a single Sonos Port (or equivalent) device, or as many as you want discrete services.

I also have 2 Savant Music Servers, but I’m not sure I’d ever want to use those over Sonos. Roomie does not support browsing Savant Music Servers, but you can use Roomie to start the appropriate Activity and it is so painful browsing to the right place on the Savant app that doing so saves a fair amount of time anyway.

With Sonos, do I have the ability to browse music through Roomie, or do I have to go to the Sonos app to select and browse music?

Is there any hardware that has that integration with Roomie?

Of course. We’ve had that for around a decade, and such features are listed on the Compatibility page of the website.