Best way to control a 2015 Samsung Smart TV


I’m new to SimpleControl, but I have a lot of experience getting remotes to work with my theater systems. My new theater has a 40" Samsung Smart TV, which from reading the groups here, I can’t turn on the TV using ip.

Is the best way to handle this situation is to have 2 definitions of the Samsung TV - one IR just for the power, and the other definition IP to perform the body of the work? Is that how the other folks here get around the dead IP when the TV power is off?

Without this tidbit of help I can’t build the rest of my system.

Thanks for the advice.

Samsung TV: UN40JU6400 2015

I would also love to know the answer of this…I haven’t purchased my TV yet but I was hoping that the 2016 Samsung TVs would be full ip controllable. Any word on this?

4 out of 5 TVs in my house are made by Samsung (3 of which are Smart TVs of varying generations - mostly in the last couple of years.)

I currently have two setup working with Simple control and plan to setup the third at some point.

You have the right idea regarding controlling the TV with two separate devices within the Simple Control app.

For my bedroom TV I am using a Simple Control IR WiFi controller to control power on a Onkyo Receiver (TX-NR646) which is capable of being controlled through IP is not hardwired and thus seems to require the IR to turn on and off and than is controlled via WiFi after and my Bedroom Samsung TV.

For the main room I am using a Global Cache IP controller plugged into the IR control plug on the rear of the TV to turn on the TV.

I agree it would be nice for Samsung to allow a power on signal to be sent to the TV via IP… perhaps since connected homes are becoming more and more common it will start to become the norm in the future.

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After many years, we can finally confirm via direct testing that (some) Samsung’s 2016 TVs at last support full IP control + power on![/quote]