Best way to control lighting

I am a new user and don’t have anything currently set up so if you were starting from scratch what would be the best way to add lighting controls?


I have a veralite from micasaverde. Their web-based software is awful, setup is tricky and making it work with roomie is a confusing chore. But all that is behind me and now it’s working flawlessly with no regrets. I have z-wave but I think insteon modules are currently preferred.

There are better controllers than the veralite but I believe they’re all considerably more expensive. So it’s a question of how much technical knowhow and patience you have to make it all work.

best meaning cheapest? if so i’d say insteon. i’m using the radiora2 which performs flawless with the roomie app but it’s quite expensive.

I’ve used X10, Insteon, and Z-Wave. Z-Wave has been by far the most reliable and consistent, and gets even better the more devices you install (I have about 100 in my house now). It’s also the most flexible in terms of how you configure and install.

For the amount of money I spent on X10 and Insteon, I could have bought another ~50 Z-Wave devices. My recommendation is don’t try to save money, as you’ll just end up spending more to replace the cheap stuff.

Z-Wave also has by far the most third party support, in terms of third party devices, and third party software.

Check our for a good source, but just about everyone sells them (I tend to buy from Amazon and a couple other sellers).


I’m new on this also. I decided to use z-wave devices with the veralite control. My concerned is, people only talk about lighting integration. What about the rest? Hvac, security,etc. anyone tried to integrated with roomie??