Best way to handle devices that can't power on via IP

This seems to be a common problem. I am getting the IR emitter to handle this. Is it recommended to use IR to power on the device and IP for everything else, or is it better to use IR for everything? Is there a rule of thumb? I assume for devices with feedback, the former is better. Are there cases where an all-IR approach beats a hybrid IP/IR one? Right now, I am facing this with directv receiver, panasonic tv, but there may be others.


I have the same problem powering both the pannisonic tv and Sony bluray. Also using the same solution ( great minds and all that). Version 1.4 should fix the tv issue with ip control for the tv power function as for the rest I’m happy using a mixture of ir and ip but running out of ir emitters may have to invest in a blaster or two.

As a general rule for devices that don’t support power via IP but do have IP control, the best solution is to use an IP2IR/WF2IR for power and then IP for everything else. Just add the device twice once for each control method.

A surprising number of people have found that HDMI CEC has also been able to work for them, but that can be a real throw of the dice, so it’s difficult for us to recommend that strongly. The definitive solution is to use IR as the backbone. IP control (or serial) becomes a necessity for things like keyboard control and any form of feedback. While we’d love those manufacturers who haven’t adopted power over IP yet to do so, since most people get an IP2IR/WF2IR to power other parts of their system anyway, it’s usually not a problem.

The DirecTV receiver is a good example of something where you definitely want to use IP control as we have all kinds of integration with that down to show/episode names, channels, etc that will never happen via IR.