Best way to handle multiple buildings?

So what’s the best way to handle multiple buildings? I have several buildings near my house that have automation that I would like to control with Roomie. For now I can just name each room with “building - room”, but it would be nice to have an option where you can add an additional top layer. Yes, all buildings are on a flat network and thus devices are discovered in all of them.


The amount of people who would use this would be <20. How many people would need to control different buildings? How many of us have more than 1 “building”?


If you mean a shed or something, I get that, but not multiple buildings.

Ever hear of a vacation house? And I’m sure companies and churches are using it, too.

Sure, it’s not the norm, and that’s why I said “optional.” Default to the current view…


No need to get caught up in terminology. The general need for “multiple location” support is something we’re looking at in the not too distant future. The word “building” is easy to get thrown off, but certainly the idea that you have multiple locations and may want separate configurations and an easy way to switch between them is recognized as something we want to add.

Thank you.


Being able to name and reload or switch configurations via Dropbox would be great as in "Dropbox restore configuration ‘vacation home’ instead of just “Dropbox backup” and “Dropbox restore”.

This is important for us “Pro/Consumer” users helping friends with their own configurations - need a quick and easy way to switch configurations for testing and debug.

Good call on that, spiv. Like that idea.




Roomie 2.2 includes a partial solution to this issue or at least significantly simpler than ever before. Saving the recovery links provided by the Backup to Roomie Service option allows you to switch more easily between entire configurations.

Thank you.

I have bought my first Roomie system today and waiting for the shipment. However, we have 4 homes: my wife works in one location, I in another one, we have a home back in our home country and are currently setting up a vacation & retirement home in another location. I would like to equip them all with Roomie (as I have with Plex), so that we have the same UI in each location. Our iPAD’s are always travelling with us. It would be great, if Roomie could switch automatically to the right location, once I enter the door (proximity detection?).

If you keep the rooms in the same configuration, you can setup iBeacons and have rooms auto-switch via proximity detection.

If you don’t want to keep all your rooms in one configuration, you can use recovery links to quickly swap configurations each time you switch location.

Thank you.